Where I'm From

The Cross Bridge Scholars started their year off with writing their “Where I’m From” poems. The poems allow the students to not only express where they come from but gives them an avenue to get to know each other. Click here for the video

Election 2012

The Scholar’s big project this year was putting together a documentary on the 2012 presidential election. Scholars researched topics they choose as a group – violence, education and foreign policy. They then wrote a script, shot the video with scholars as the talent and experts and edited a 10 minute video for the website. Click here to see the documentary:

Hopes and Fears

After wrapping up the documentary, scholars worked on another video that expressed their hopes and fears for the next four years with President Obama. Click here to see the video.

CBSP means to me…

Lastly, scholars worked on their final video of what the Cross Bridge Scholars Program means to them personally and what they got out of the program. Click here to see that video:



"My favorite part about Cross Bridge was meeting the new people. I know that if I hadn't been on Cross Bridge, I would have never met them." - Sarah

"I like putting out our creativity and meeting new people. It was also fun learning the different aspects of movie making." - Brittani

"I learned that people are pretty much the same even though they come from different areas."
- Bryant

"I learned to take risks and try new things and not be afraid to meet new people." - Teighlor