Dear Middle School Students and Parents:

The Middle School Summer Reading Program encourages a life-long habit of reading. Reading well is fundamental to just about everything we do in school, so we encourage all students to read as much as their schedules and appetites allow. Students must read five (5) books during summer vacation.  The requirements are as follows:

Entering 6th Grade

Entering I Form

Entering II Form


Common Book

The Cay

The House of the Scorpion 

The Boy Who Dared

MS Book List

See Annotated List Online

See Annotated List Online

See Annotated List Online

Other Three
 (3) Books

Free choice

Free choice

Free choice

Students will choose and read a book from the Episcopal Academy MS Book List.  The annotated version of the MS Book List can be found online (after May) by visiting our website at www.ea1785.org and clicking on the link under “Academics, Libraries, Middle School and Reading Lists”.
In choosing a book from the list, students are encouraged to talk to friends, parents, and librarians to ensure a challenging and enjoyable read that expands their reading horizons.

Mrs. Smith, Director of Libraries, recommends these bibliographies to help you select free choice books:

We hope the summer reading expectations listed above are helpful but, if you any questions or concerns, please feel free to contact me at morris@episcopalacademy.org or 484-424-149, Tom Greenwood, MS English Dept. Chair (greenwoo@episcopalacademy.org), or Linda Smith, Director of Libraries (Lsmith@episcopalacademy.org). 


Steve Morris, Head of Middle School
Tom Greenwood, MS English Dept. Chair
Linda Smith, Director of Libraries